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Data and Content Solutions for Retailers Online

and Direct Network Retailing Online

Whether you need new content or adding new assortment - we take care of your assortment needs which can be complicated and exhausting.

At Shopper Outlet Network, we believe that your data and content requirements should be supported by experienced professionals, and offer a variety of services to cater to your organization’s needs.

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Data and Content Solutions for Retailers Online Assortments

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The process of working with data is a tedious task.  There is no getting around the fact that quality is always required.  Since business system requirements vary extensively, we first start with an evaluation of all sides of the equation.  We analyze the information sources, the system it needs to be placed in, and what also needs to be done for this to be successful for the client online per their needs.


Since information sources are erratic, and may be received in pieces from departments within a company which may not align, it becomes an assembly process as well as a sourcing process till complete.  During this effort, we may deal with business system challenges.  This includes but is not limited to; finding a work around if needed, dealing with system limitations, or dealing with the challenges of sourcing information.


Auditing is the final key component for quality control, and not something that can be rushed.  To achieve the end result desired, we are committed to publish the most accurate data and user enriched data so that we meet business requirements for success.

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The demand for supporting information online has changed many times over the years.  From simple descriptive information, to unique custom content to meet new SEO enriched search engine requirements.  This includes content that is needed to effectively sell products on any eCommerce platform,

Examples from basic product dimensions and functions to installation guides and warranty documents, from representative product images to sku by color, or unique material images, or vehicle specific images, from supporting information guides to media links, and from a general video to sku specific videos, along with the changes that continue year over year.


Our most rewarding area has been our efforts to create custom content to leverage search engine demand for unique content meaningful to a consumer.  We have the statistics that show conversion sales rates up four times over existing traffic, which equals an additional increase of three times as many sales as experienced previously.  This is a serious win for any major retailer.

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Over the years we have experienced many unique challenges, and have added a dimension of professional support as well as providing access to hundreds of new product brands creating millions of new items to sell. This provides us with the skills to effectively assist retailers who have had to invent solutions between business systems and online systems, and were lacking on how to exactly do that.


We assisted Sears Holdings that wanted to add millions of skus from hundreds of brands to, but couldn't do it using their five digit number system coupled with a market segment category number system for its network of stores. Their system was unable to deal with the sku counts required for assortment expansion within the universe of vehicle specific automotive products. We were able to provide a new number system that would solve online requirements and were able to translate it through the store systems.


Therefore, we assisted with providing a simple feature that allowed us to add to their assortment millions of new item numbers to be available so that order online and pick up in store could be achieved which met proper accounting and finance system reporting for operations.

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A History of Success-Driven Partnerships

We specialize in delivering dependable and professional services to retailers. We provide data management services, custom content creation, and strategic support to retailers so they can meet online data and content requirements.


Our experienced team is focused on quality data and content that will deliver improved conversion rates along with partnering in assortment expansion requirements to meet today's market needs for success in eCommerce.

We also practice what we preach and retail directly online ourselves.  We do this as a way to stay close to the market and live the experience our customers have.  We also do this as mechanism to offer products to markets they might not be able to reach themselves.


The roots of our founders go back to our individual efforts in 1998 where just getting basic data ready for selling products online became the primary need. Over the years, this lead to the development of part types by product, category structures, product information structures, attributing, and other specialty requirements for different industries. The most notably became the use of structured automotive vehicle application information. During the next decade, many of these features were adopted or copied outright by others for their own business web use.


By 2008 we found ourselves as individuals spending the majority of our time was working with unstructured data from manufacturers. We found that part number systems had to be created for custom products so they could have retailers sell their products online. As demand grew it became clear there was a real need at all levels, so that manufacturers could get major large scale retailers to sell their products too.


To address the opportunity, Shopper Outlet Network was established in 2010 to directly work with large scale retailers and companies that were needing assistance online. Shopper Outlet's focus was on handling basic or complex data, content requirements, developing unique content to drive SEO, and working with project management to address retailer system needs. We also assisted with large scale assortment expansion for major national retail chains, like Sears Holdings, in their need for selling products online.


As consumer behaviors online have changed, there remains a disconnect between how information is handled for business store systems and distribution systems versus specifically for use only for eCommerce online. To address this we have gone back to our roots in development, to offer information built in a different way.


To further address use of data, we launched retail efforts with major retailers as well individual marketplaces and thus began a new chapter in our history of direct product selling.  Our goal is to live the experience our customers have, as well as providing an opportunity for those who are unable to reach markets they have interest in.

In 2020 Shopper Outlet partnered with AutoPartServ Inc. to support their launch of a new eCommerce Online Initiative to give retailers a chance to seriously take advantage of the traffic they already have to close more sales effectively, and to further leverage the power of the Internet.

In 2024 Shopper Outlet Network entered into a partnership with Parts-World International to assist in data and content management for millions of products to be sold broadly on international websites.  Due to the existing challenges with the wide variety of vehicle makes outside of the United States, assisting Parts-Word International with creative data solutions, has given their clients an opportunity to grow online sales beyond our borders.

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